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Starting The Journey

The Horreo route starts in Santiago de Compostela and ends in Cabo Fisterra. The route takes you on the galician coast of the Atantic Ocean and it impresses the tourists with the spectacular views that are so characteristic to this isolated part of Spain. The route will take you from rural zones to desolated beaches where tourists can privately go to sunbathe or meditate. The landscape is characterized by the big number of horreos, which are cereal silos having pointing roofs. They are now not functional, but the locals kept them, because they all fight to keep their traditions and their customs alive. If you wish to embark on such a journey, go to Santiago de Compostela. This should be your departure point.

Once you visit Santiago de Compostela, follow the signs to Noia, then turn right at the roundabout. When you are in Bertamirans, turn right in order to drive through the pine and eucalyptus forest. The terrain is full of charming hamlets, cereal silos and land shows. The road will take you to the industrial town of Cee and after three more kilometers you will get to Corcubion. Corcubion is a wonderful fishing village. The houses in Corcubion are decorated with blazons and balconies decorated with ceramics.

Continuing The Road

Follow the indicators to Fisterra, which is just fourteen kilometers away from Corcubion. The route will avoid a cliff that offers the eye an unbelievable view through the pines towards the Atlantic Ocean. While you are here, make a stop to the Santa Maria des Areas Church, built in the XIIth century. The special thing about this church is the beautiful statue of Jesus having a golden beard. Leaving Corcubion and Cee for Muros, you will be directed through the Ezaro estuary that will take you to the O Pindo beach; a sensational beach that will definetely make you stop for a walk on the delicate, white sand.

The End of The Route

Muros will be followed by a network of picturesque streets that will take you to Santa Maria de Campo, a small city that combines the Romanesque and the Gothic styles that nourish the soul and please the eye of tourists. From Muros, go back to Noia. Noia will impress you with the beautiful Romanesque Santa Maria a Nova church, built in 1327 and hosting a collection of over three hundred grave stones dating back to the Xth century. The road can be described as a trip back to the history of Spain, a trip that will make you love this country.

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A Beautiful Valencia

Valencia, the oranges’ kingdom and the Levant Queen, is a city that has a serrated coast with hills and huerta in the interior, and plains of which it is said have the most fertile land in Europe. However, the region doesn’t stand out through the landscape. The agriculture is very modern; you can admire the endless orange, lemon and peach orchards and the rice groves here. If you want to taste it, the rice will be served to you in different types: paella, which is found everywhere, and is a close relative of the italian risotto.

The City of Valencia

Valencia is the third city in Spain in terms of dimension. Although Valencia is not a very attractive city at a first view, the sunny climate, excellent restaurants, exciting night life, and the changes that have appeared in the city with the organization of the American Cup in 2007 and 2009 transformed it into a very dynamic city.

The city’s monuments are illuminated once the night sets in, so the atmosphere created is very special. The history of Valencia spreads from the Greeks to the Romans, and in the year 714, the Arabs. These cultures have influenced the aspect, the traditions, and the customs of the city, creating a very special place where tourists can relax and find out a lot of things related to Spain and its history.

Sightseeing in Valencia

When you go to Valencia, you need a lot of energy because there are many places that are worth visiting. The journey into the history and the culture of the city can start with a visit to the Palau de la Musica y Congresos. The building has a glass facade and it hosts a congress center designed in 1977 by Norman Foster.

In the center of the old city you’ll find the Gothic Cathedral. The main attraction of the cathedral is the Capilla del Santo Caliz, another cathedral( a smaller one), having an alabaster altar that impresses tourists. The Baroque Santa Catalina church, the Palacio Benicarlo, and the Palacio del Marques de Dos Aguas should also be on your sightseeing list.


Hotels are at every step in Valencia, but so are private villas. Tourists should choose villas instead of the rigid hotels, because they are more private, they are always decorated in a very traditional style and they are always situated in very picturesque places that offer you wonderful views. Enjoy your stay!

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Alora - the fascinating Spanish village

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When we speak of Spain, every tourist is in agreement, and they all say ‘Spain is a heaven for tourists’. That speaks of how beautiful the country is. Beautiful mountains followed by vast plains with beautiful landscape, rich vegetation, stunningly beautiful beaches, monumental buildings built centuries ago, parks with historical importance, museums and luxurious villas and apartments at most affordable rental prices and hotels serving most delicious continental recipes, well trained tourist guides; what more could a tourist require? All tourists will certainly enjoy every minute of their stay in Spain and go home with cherished memories of their trip.

Another interesting aspect of traveling in Spain is that every city and village has many things to offer to the tourist. Take for example, the tiny village of Alora, located near the famous province of Malaga. This tiny village is recognized as one of the best tourist spots in Spain. The tourists will certainly agree that there is something interesting in every part of this tiny village.

Take for example the Chapel called ‘lady of flower’, built in the 16th century, which houses the image of the ‘virgin of flowers’. This Chapel in Alora receives a large number of tourists every year. The visitor will be amazed by this stunningly beautiful chapel. Apart from being one of the most attractive monumental structures, the Chapel is also a pilgrimage centre of Europe.

The other popular place to visit in Alora is the Church of the ‘lady of incarnation’, also popular as Parish Church. This is one of the biggest churches of Malaga. The church is also popular as an outstanding example of masterly architecture. The interior of the church bears some of the best works of sculpture. The church is located in the midst of a beautifully laid out garden.

The Arab castle is another place of tourist interest in Alora. In fact, historians say this castle was actually built by Romans. Historians say that the Castle was built to protect the city from enemies. The fort has some watch towers located at certain strategic locations. This well crafted castle attracts a large number of tourists every year.

The Guadalhorce Valley is another place of interest. This valley is also popular for its beautiful natural beauty; it is rich in vegetation and is also the home of many wild animals. The Government of Spain has harnessed this beautiful environment and has transformed this valley rich in vegetation; now it has become a tourist attraction.

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Denia – the most beautiful town in Spain

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It is a fact; this tiny city of Dania is stunningly beautiful. The tourist will certainly love its beautiful beaches, spectacular environment, luxurious villas in which to stay and mouth watering recipes by the experienced chefs in hotels around the city. ‘It is a wonderful experience’ exclaim the tourists! Just visit this city and you will also certainly agree.

The vast beaches in Spain are popular and extraordinarily equipped for the most modern water sports. Safety has been given the highest importance; so even children and the elderly can enjoy and play in the crystal clear sea water. Wide walking paths, adequate provision for swimming, boating and beach sports like volley ball, tennis etc help the tourist to enjoy his stay here. The hotels located on the beach serve the most delicious food. Denia is also one of the important harbors where many trading activities take place. Although it is a busy port, places have been reserved for the tourist to enjoy and swim in the sea water.

Denia is not only popular for its beaches. It is equally popular for some of its places of tourist interest like the Denia Castle, Open Air theatre etc. The Denia Castle, for example, speaks of the architectural excellence of those who built it. The Castle has three towers; historians believe the castle and the towers were used as a place to keep watch on the movement of the enemy and the pirates. The fort built around the castle was intended to prevent the pirates and other enemies from entering the city. The fort wall was wide enough for the soldiers to move around with arms and ammunition. Most parts of the castle have been preserved even to this day.

Another place of attraction in Denia is the Open Air Theatre, which is now being used to give public performances. The Open Air Theatre can accommodate about 40,000 people. According to historians, this theatre was built by the Romans. It is now being used for cultural functions.

Those who are fascinated by exploration should visit the Montgo Nature Reserve. This nature reserve attracts the largest number of visitors to natural reserves in Spain. It is about one hour’s drive from Denia. The Montgo Nature Reserve has plenty of amenities for tourists like hotels, bars, walking paths etc.

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Pensicola – the tiny fishing village in Spain is now the most preferred tourist spot

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Yes, it was just a fishing village till recently. This fishing village located near Valencia has found a place on the tourist map of Europe. This transformation has been possible because of the efforts of the Government of Spain; which has taken a keen interest in harnessing the beautiful nature around this village. Now Pensicola is a stunningly beautiful place and tourists flock to this tiny village to enjoy their holiday.

In fact, now Pensicola has become so popular that the village is overcrowded with tourists, particularly during the summer days. The unbelievably beautiful Pensicola beach is always the first preferred destination among tourists. The vast beach with clear sea water and a beautiful environment is the most ideal place to enjoy and relax. In fact, Pensicola is a busy port also. However, for the benefit of tourists, a separate place has been identified on the beach where they can relax and are not disturbed by the busy port. The port has many hotels and bars where tourists can enjoy their food and drink in the midst of this beautiful nature. The beach is fully equipped with many water and beach sports. It is considered an ideal place for those who want to swim and enjoy boating.

Apart from the popular beach, Pensicola has many other places which would be of interest for the tourist. The castle, for example, would merit a visit by every tourist. It is believed that this castle was built in the year 1423. It has received extensive repair work and is now converted into a hotel and a tourist resort. Tourists are of course allowed to visit the castle during specific hours.

The other place to visit is the beautiful lighthouse. This is one of the oldest lighthouses in Spain and is in use even to this day. Here also, tourists are allowed to visit during specific hours.

The annual international film festival is another important event held in Pensicola. This village is a popular shopping centre also. Apart from textiles, works of art and artifacts are sold here. There are many luxurious villas and apartments where the tourist can comfortably stay. The hotels serve the most delicious cuisine. The village can be reached by ferry and by air. It is also very well connected by road and railway. For those who want to spend their holiday in a beautiful environment, Pensicola is the most ideal place.

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CAZORLA was well known for its function as the outpost during the Andalucian Re-Conquest battles. It still has two ancient castles of Moorish origin standing to attest the battles, but they were redesigned and restored during the Christian Re-Conquest. Today, Cazorla is the base for many visits around this area of beautiful river gorges and refreshing forests.


Cazorla is located in the province of Jaen and has three major squares. The main square connects to the second one, which is egg-shaped. The heart of the city’s administration is located in the splendid Moorish-design palace at the end of Plaza de la Corredera. Its third square, Plaza Santa Maria, is the most festive one along the labyrinth of narrow streets. Cazorla is a busy commercial base for tourists who wish to visit this region, taking in beautiful natural landscapes as well as the surrounding ancient sites. There is a privately operated tourist center which offers tourist information, as well as 4-wheeled drives around the region and horse-riding in the park.

Historical Attractions

An ancient cathedral, the Santa Maria Cathedral, was damaged by floods before being burnt by Napoleonic soldiers. Its preserved ruins and open square have been turned into an amphitheatre that is currently used as a meeting site or to hold concerts and other local happenings.

There is the La Yedra, which is a somber castle tower that has been reconstructed to house the town museum displaying ancient local utensils and home furniture.


Places to stay are plentiful here for one’s choosing. Hotels as old as 30 years, like the Hotel Guadalquivir, are popular with their traditional style and design located strategically near interesting places to visit in Cazorla. Hotel Guadalquivir offers an impressive landscape with the national park surrounding it. It also offers tasty local cuisine for one’s appetite.

Most hotels in Cazorla offer a beautiful scenic view with modern amenities, such as Wi-Fi. The hotels here are also peaceful and eco-friendly. An interesting one - the Hotel Sierra de Cazorla - is renowned for initiating the use of olive seed bio-fuel in its spa for heating its warm water. Olive oil is generously used in the hotel’s massages and spa treatments as it is said to have refreshing properties.


There are many tapas bars that offer local fares for one’s taste buds. These can be found near Plaza Santa María where the local specialty is authentic local cuisine prepared on a wood fire using the rabbit. Other places further away serve platos combinados, as well as a decently priced menu, or you may opt for the up-market selection at La Sarga, which serves regional dishes.

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Welcome to Wordpress blog!

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